Scientific Expertise and Excellence

The KIOS Core Team comprises of faculty staff from the University of Cyprus, who are accomplished academics with excellent researcher record. In addition to teaching a number of courses in various departments of the University of Cyprus, the members of the Center serve as special advisors to a variety of organizations, including industrial and governmental organizations.



The KIOS Research Center aims to the establishment of an inspiring and stable research environment. Currently, the center employs over 70  researchers at various levels, who pursue high-tech research opportunities in Cyprus.


KIOS Facilities

The KIOS Research Center boasts excellent research premises which provide an inspiring environment for conducting high-quality research and stimulate interdisciplinary interaction between researchers. Dedicated laboratories are specifically designed to provide the physical and technical infrastructure required for KIOS researchers, and partners, to conduct high-quality research projects in modern cutting-edge scientific and technological fields. These laboratories include:

   Embedded Systems Laboratory
   Wireless Sensors Laboratory
   Bio-sensing Laboratory
   Networks Laboratory

Moreover, the KIOS faculty and researchers have access to additional specialized facilities and equipment, available at the University of Cyprus and at the various KIOS collaborators and partners.


National and International Grants

The Center obtains its support for research and other activities from a variety of national and international sources, including the following:


The European Research Council

Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation

University of Cyprus

EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

European Science Foundation

Structural Funds of the European Union in Cyprus

EEA Financial Mechanism & Norwegian Financial Mechanism



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