Emmanouil Rigas holds a BSc degree from the department Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2011), an MSc with distinction in Web Technology from the University of Southampton, UK (2012) and a PhD from the department Informatics AUTh (2018). He undertakes research in Artificial Intelligence and, in particular, in optimization techniques, search algorithms and multi-agent systems applied in the area of Electric Vehicles. His PhD thesis is entitled “Artificial intelligence methods for the management of electric vehicles in the smart grid”. He is a (co) author in a number of research papers published in prestigious journals and international conferences. He serves as a reviewer for the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transactions and Magazine, for IEEE Sustainable Computing and for Elsevier’s Expert Systems with Applications, as well as for several conferences. He has worked as a research assistant in national and European research projects. At the same time, he has worked for several years as a computer science instructor at DEI college. Dr. Rigas has received scholarships and awards from the Aristotle University and Elsevier for his research on AI. He joined the KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in December 2019 where he will study the use of AI to coordinate UAVs and to manage autonomous vehicles.


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