On the occasion of the International Day of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on 13th November 2019, the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence successfully organized a workshop on the “Use of GIS for the monitoring and control of critical infrastructures”. Participants in the workshop, included representatives and officers from several organizations of the public and private sector Cyprus, most of which have also joined the KIOS Innovation Hub.


This workshop constituted an excellent opportunity to bring together stakeholders of critical infrastructures that use GIS as a tool to enhance and improve their operations and to identify common needs related to the monitoring and control of critical infrastructures, which can lead to future synergies through the KIOS CoE. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity for the KIOS researchers to present real cases in which the GIS is used related to power systems, water and transportation networks, and emergency response systems. These cases resulted from the research collaboration between the KIOS Innovation Hub and various governmental organizations involved in the monitoring, control, management, and security of critical infrastructures.


The first part of the workshop included presentations by GIS specialists from the public and private sector in Cyprus. Initially, Mr. Neoklis Neokleous, from the Department of Lands and Surveys, talked about the use of GIS in its Department. This was followed by a talk by Mr. Stefanos Charalambous from Geomatics Ltd. that discussed the use of GIS as a flood risk assessment, management and response tool in Cyprus. In addition, Mr. Demetris Michael from the Cyprus Open Data Portal, talked about the strategy and recent developments on open data in Cyprus. Finally, Dr. Demetris Demetiou from the Public Works

Department referred to the GIS as a critical decision making tool relating to the operations of its Department.


The second part of the workshop focused on the GIS use cases, as detailed below, derived from the research collaborations between the KIOS CoE and governmental organizations, namely the Ministry of Transport Communications and Works, the Limassol Water Board, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Police.


“Gnosis” and “TN-ITS” Platforms
The first two use cases presented by the KIOS researcher George Christou were developed within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the KIOS Innovation Hub and the Public Works Department of the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works. gnosis imgSpecifically, the KIOS CoE develops two software platforms, “GNOSIS” and “TN-ITS”, related to the management of the Cyprus road network.


Specifically, the “GNOSIS” platform collects all data related to the Cyprus road network, for example speed limits, signs, traffic congestion, etc., with the ultimate goal to become a tool for efficient decision making by the Public Works Department.


Further, the “TN-ITS” platform provides immediate updates regarding road network changes (such as speed limits) from road authorities to data users, for example navigation tool developers and drivers. This platform aims to enhance road network safety and efficiency.


tnits img


“Oceanos” Platform

The platform “Oceanos” was developed by the KIOS researchers within the research collaboration agreement between the KIOS Innovation Hub and the Water Board of Limassol. According to the KIOS Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Demetris Eliades, “this integrated platform gathers, stores, and accesses data from water networks in order to become a useful decision-making tool for the Water Board of Limassol”. The Board will be able to better monitor and detect any leaks in Limassol’s water network, aiming to reduce the response time for the restoration of the faults.


oceanos img


Smart Power Grids

The KIOS researcher Andreas Georgiou referred to the research collaboration between the KIOS Innovation and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, which aims to transform the existing energy grid to a smart grid using GIS.


smart power grids img


“Mission control” Platform

The “Mission Control” platform was implemented in the framework of the research collaboration between the Cyprus Police and the KIOS Innovation Hub that aims at supporting the management of emergencies, as well as the decision making and strategic planning of the Cyprus Police. According to the KIOS Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Panagiotis Kolios, in the platform the GIS tool is used to illustrate a digital map with several capabilities (i.e., calculation of the optimal route to reach a point of interest, measurement of distances, etc.) that be utilized by the Cyprus Police to enhance its decision-making and operational capabilities.


mission control img



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