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The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus co-organized the inaugural tinyML Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Technical Forum, which took place online between the 7th to 10th of June 2021 and attracted more than 1500 registered attendees, and over 300 daily participants. The Forum featured an exciting blend of tutorials, keynote talks, panels, industry and policy-maker perspectives, and a student research forum, addressing an abundance of topics related to the rapidly growing tiny Machine Learning (tinyML).


tinyML is a fast-growing branch of machine learning technologies, architectures and approaches dealing with machine intelligence at the very edge. It is broadly defined as integrated, “full-stack” (hardware-systems-software-applications), Machine Learning architectures, techniques, tools and approaches capable of performing on-device analytics for a variety of sensing modalities (vision, audio, motion, environmental, human health monitoring etc.) at extreme energy efficiency, typically in the single milliWatts (and below) power range, enabling machine intelligence right at the boundary of the physical and digital worlds.


The forum followed the unprecedented success of the tinyML Summit that was organized during the last three years in Silicon Valley (with over 5000 registered participants from industry, academia and governmental and policy making organizations) and aimed to reflect this growth in the EMEA region, with speakers and participants showcasing technology from Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


The KIOS CoE plans to host the first physical event in the summer of 2022.


For more information about the forum, please visit: https://www.tinyml.org/event/emea-2021/