December 2010

25/12/2010Article in Alitheia Newspaper - KIOS postgraduate researchers Christos Laoudias, Demetris Eliades and Demetris Stavrou were ranked first in the competition "Design of a digital eBook reader and content management platform".  

October 2010


National Television News Coverage of the wind turbine installation for the Zero Co2 Project and the benefits of the prototype electricity generation system for green and regulated energy


National Press Coverage of the installation of the wind turbine for the Zero Co2 Project

  21/10/2010Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center takes coordination role at networking session at the Biannual EU ICT Conference. The networking session entitled Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems took place on the third day (29/09/2010) of the ICT 2010 Conference. 15/10/2010Article in Alitheia Newspaper - KIOS Research Center was selected to lead a networking session, at the recent EU ICT 2010 Conference, following a competitive application process where only a few of the applicants were chosen to lead a networking session.  14/10/2010Article in Stockwatch - KIOS Research Center Coordinates Networking Workshop at the Biannual EU ICT Conference.    

September 2010

26/09/2010Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Project OURORAMAN (funded by the structural funded National Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development 2008) - The application of new technology in the area of health.  12/09/2010Article in Politis Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Project WATERBEE (funded by FP7) - New systems to improve the efficiency of water irrigation.  

August 2010

30/08/2010Article in Phileftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Contribution to health and well being.