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asif bilaf

Asif Bilal

Asif Bilal received his BS. degree in Electrical Engineering from Bahria University, Pakistan, in 2012 and his MS. degree with majors in RF and Microwave from National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan in 2014. He has worked as a researcher in the EMPHASIS Research Centre at University of Cyprus and at the Optical Access Technology Laboratory, Network Research Institute, National Institute of Information Communications Technology (NICT), in Japan. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cyprus with research interest in the field of RF and Microwave mainly focused on exploring metamaterials/metasurface and its reconfigurability (both electrical and optical) for 5G/6G applications. He is an active member of Cost Action CA20120, a student member of IEEE and AP-S Society, and recipient of multiple travel grants.

Asif is currently a researcher at the KIOS Research Center working on the GLADIATOR Horizon 2020 – FET Open Project, under the supervision of Professor Stavros Iezekiel and Professor Constantinos Pitris.