Demetrios G. Eliades is a Research Fellow at KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence. He holds a Dipl-Ing (2004) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, an MSc (2005) in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a PhD (2011) in Electrical Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cyprus, with a thesis entitled “Fault Diagnosis and Security Monitoring in Water Distribution Systems”. His thesis objectives were to formulate a mathematical framework suitable for monitoring and fault diagnosis in water systems, and in specific solve a number of water security related problems, such as the placement of specialized quality sensors, disinfection regulation, leakage detection and contamination isolation.


His background is in computational and artificial intelligence and their applications in systems, with a special interest in water distribution systems, as well as issues related with optimization and fault diagnosis. He has published articles to journals and presented his work at conferences organized by the civil, environmental and water engineering community, as well as by the control and systems engineering community. His research has been funded by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) of Cyprus, by the University of Cyprus and the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence.


His academic interests are in computational and artificial intelligence, systems theory, optimization, control engineering, enviromental modeling and simulation, intelligent systems, educational robotics, statistical learning and pattern recognition, and the use of knowledge engineering and computational intelligence methods in e-government and e-learning. He has served as a Technology Editor for a cypriot opinion magazine and he has co-authored a legal book on e-voting.

He is a member of IEEE, Chair of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Student Activities Subcommittee, and a registered electrical engineer.



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