Srimanta Santra

Dr. Srimanta Santra is a Research Associate in the KIOS Centre of Excellence at the University of Cyprus with Professor Marios Polycarpou. Before joining here, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel). He received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Anna University, Chennai (India), under Professor Marshal Anthoni. During his Ph.D., he studied the stability and stabilization of uncertain dynamical systems. After finishing his Ph.D., he joined as a short-time Postdoctoral Researcher in Mechanical Engineering at Ben-Gurion University. He completed his BSc degree in Computer Science at the University of Burdwan, West Bengal (India) in 2009 and MSc degree in Computer Applications at Anna University, Chennai (India) in 2012. On a broad level, his research interests include energy-related flow control applications, unsteady aerodynamics, active separation control, dynamic stall control, robust control, sampled-data control, model predictive control, urban air mobility, computational fluid modeling with control design and fluid mechanics.