The ENHANCE project aims to pave the way for a seamless and massive grid integration of residential photovoltaic (PV) systems with great environmental impact. This goal will be achieved by developing a novel PV system architecture with flexible capabilities that allows an improved management of the solar power.

A new PV system architecture will be developed by combining:

  • the advantages of an intelligent grid tied inverter
  • the flexibility offered by a patented kinetic battery storage system and a smart load management unit,
  • the capabilities enabled by an intelligent prosumer management platform, and
  • the real-time information through the deployment of a low-cost monitoring tool.

The ENHANCE project will significantly contribute to:

  • increase the value, the competitiveness and the penetration of solar energy,
  • enhance the quality and stability of the power system
  • improve the operation of the evolving distribution grid
  • reduce carbon footprints

The project is built on a well selected consortium including one university (KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence – University of Cyprus) and three industrial partners (Eletoyia from Cyprus, Chakratec from Israel, and PowerCom from Israel) that can guarantee the successful completion of the project. The project is supported by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, by the Ministry of National Infrastructure Energy and Water of Israel and the SOLAR-ERA.NET instrument that is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.