A Platform for the Evaluation of Fingerprint Positioning Algorithms on Android Smartphones

The objective is to develop an Android smartphone platform for the evaluation of RSS fingerprint-based algorithms. Our system will follow a mobile-based network-assisted architecture to eliminate the communication overhead and respect user privacy. When a user enters our university campus a smartphone client conducts a single communication with a dedicated server to receive the RSS radiomap and algorithm-specific parameters. The client is thereafter able to position itself independently. We will develop a RSS Logger application to facilitate the construction of the radiomap, which can then be downloaded from our Distribution Server. The positioning application will be implemented on the mobile devices and we plan to integrate several fingerprint methods. The platform is jointly developed by the KIOS Research Center and the Data Management Systems Lab (DMSL) at the University of Cyprus.

For more information on the project progress see here.

Fault tolerant detection, localization and tracking of multiple events using WSNs

This project is expected to make significant contributions in a number of areas including decentralized and intelligent control, collaborative signal processing and distributed robotics. Furthermore, the methodologies that will be developed throughout this research project can facilitate the deployment and commercial use of sensor networks for a variety of environmental applications. These include the assessment of air and water quality in real-time over the whole island of Cyprus, identifying sources of pollution and performing quality control. Protection of the environment is a major concern of the citizen of today’s world.The project is funded by the Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus under the framework programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (DESMI 2009-10, contract number ΤΠΕ/ΟΡΙΖΟ/0609ΒΕ). The project duration is 36 months (04/01/2011 – 27/12/2013) and the total funding is 120.000 Euro. The Host Organisation is University of Cyprus and the Project Coordinator is Associate Prof. Christos Panayiotou. The thematic area of the project is “ICT in Health and Quality of Life” and the following three key areas will be investigated:

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks
  2. Environmental Monitoring
  3. Intelligent Systems

For more information on the project progress and deliverables see here.

Localization for Next Generation Wireless Communication Networks

Location Based Services (LBS) open new horizons for the services that can be offered by mobile network providers. This project investigates various techniques for estimating the current location of mobile users and which can be applied in networks beyond 3G. These methods should offer increased accuracy when used in outdoor and indoor environments and should be applicable for various networks such as GSM, UMTS, and WiMAX. The project is funded by the Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus in the framework of the “Young Researchers” programme (ΠΕΝΕΚ/ΕΝΙΣΧ/0506/59). Project coordinator is Associate Prof. Christos Panayiotou. The consortium consists of University of Cyprus, Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS), and SignalGeneriX LTD. The project duration is 48 months (29/12/2006 – 28/12/2010) and the total funding is 102.600 Euro.

For more information on the project progress and deliverables see here.


Mobile terminals are evolving into a ubiquitous computing platform. Yet their information gathering and processing capabilities are underutilised, although they are excellent candidates for mobile data monitoring. MOTIVE enabled terminals are expected to transparently store, pre-process and upload to the network historical information about the monitored data for further processing.
MOTIVE project will demonstrate the value of this innovative concept by enhancing existing processes and enabling the provision of new context aware services. MOTIVE will define a multi-layered system architecture and functionality addressing issues such as terminal local processing, user control (when and how information is revealed), data transfer load, network side processing/storage and real time vs. off-line information collection modes. MOTIVE is an IST-FP6 European partially funded research project (contract number: 027659). MOTIVE will investigate three key areas:


  1. Integrated End-to-End User Experience Monitoring
  2. Ubiquitous Terminal Assisted Positioning
  3. Anonymous Mobile Community Services

For more information see the MOTIVE project Webpage.

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