Deliverable #Deliverable TitleDeadline
D1.1Project website2
D1.2Social Media Accounts24
D1.3Swifters Infographic13
D1.4Technical Conference Paper18
D1.5Video clip on cooperative operations software package19
D1.6Seminar on UAV Swarms20
D1.7Technical Journal Paper20
D1.8Training Material for Community Mechanism Courses22
D1.9Video clip on cooperative operations software package trials23
D1.10Infographic on cooperative operations software package improvements23
D1.11Layman’s Project Report24
D2.1End-user requirements 4
D2.2Report on key quality indicators5
D2.3Review of current UAV technologies and capabilities6
D2.4Review and identification of software package implementation environment15
D3.1Technical report on interfaces for software package integration18
D3.2Technical report on swarm algorithms10
D4.1Technical report on swarm strategies implementation13
D4.2Software package user manual18
D4.3Software package applicability and usage20
D5.1Report on simulation, testing, and demonstration19
D5.2Feedback report on software package usage23
D6.1Project Meetings Minutes24
D6.2Quality Monitoring & Ethics Review18
D6.3Progress Reports10
D6.4Second Progress Report10