KIOS Center of Excellence

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, of the University of Cyprus, is an academic/research institution that has attained scientific excellence in information and communication technologies. The KIOS CoE has a strong background in emergency management technologies through knowledge gained in many research and innovation activities including those in many EU funded projects especially those from DG ECHO and the collaborations it established with organizations in emergency management through its Innovation Hub. To date KIOS developed systems (including autonomous intelligent robotic systems, and real-time data analysis and decision support platforms) that assist first responders rapidly achieve their missions in a more effective and efficient manner. These tools are implemented, field-tested and demonstrated in many real scenarios. In addition to its turn-key technological developments, KIOS has established a unique training course on the use of ICT technologies including the use of drones for emergency response that is delivered to key stakeholders at an international level and part of which is being presented to participants of the UCPM AMC training course 4 times a year. KIOS is also hosting 4-day Exchange of EU Experts workshops on the use of drones for emergency management.

Cyprus Civil Defence

The mission of CCD is to take preventive, repressive and supporting humanitarian measures in order to protect the population and its property, as well as the environment and critical infrastructure from the effects of disasters either natural (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes etc.) or man-made (technological accidents, armed conflict, etc.). CCD also aims to provide the necessary conditions for the populationÂ’s survival and recovery following a disaster. Besides its headquarters, it has district offices in all five districts. A command center on a 24/7 basis operates and it is connected to the Emergency Response Coordination Centre of the European Union. Through this center, the island-wide electronic Early Warning System and the communication networks are being monitored. It functions as a 24-hour Contact Point for the ECURIE System, for the Marine pollution and for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). In addition to the above, CCD has installed and monitors a population warning system (electronic siren system) that allows the force to alert the public through alarms, pre-recorded voice messages and live transmissions. CCD is actively involved in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism: It conducts the Assessment Mission Courses on behalf of the Union, for EU experts in Cyprus, provides trainers and lecturers for various courses, and provides civil protection/disaster relief experts for missions.

Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna

The Department of Risk forecasting, information systems, infrastructures and network service conducts, among others, risks forecast and prevention. RAS organizes task forces to lead interventions and coordinate actions in emergencies. RAS has participated in many EU projects, including Proterina II, Prefer, Netrisk.

University of Lille

From the University of Lille (ULille), CRIStAL (Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille) will be directly involved in the ARTION project. CRISTAL is a laboratory (UMR 9189) of the National Center for Scientific Research, University Lille and Centrale Lille in partnership Inria and Institut Mines Telecom. The laboratory is composed of about 420 members (228 permanent employees and more than 192 non-permanent employees) among whom 24 permanent employees of the CNRS and 31 of Inria. CRIStAL research activities involve topics related to major scientific and social issues such as Big Data, software engineering, image and its uses, human-computer interaction, robotics, control and supervision of large systems, intelligent vehicle systems, bio-informatics with applications in retails, technologies for health, software-intensive systems.

Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences

CBK PAN (Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences) is the only institution in Poland whose activity is devoted to space research, space technology and their applications. CBK PAN is also the leading institution for UAV, satellite and geoinformatic support for civil protection authorities in Poland. With the project, the CIK (Crisis Information Centre) will be primarily involved that provides operational support for Polish crisis management structures and conducts R&D activities based on its insight into user needs in this field. CBK PAN has been involved in crisis management activities since 2005 and CIK arose from the close co-operation with civil protection authorities during 2010 flood disaster response activities and tested its ability to serve on an operational basis during the international EU CARPATHEX 2011 exercise dedicated for civil protection authorities and emergency response institutions. Also CIK co-operates with civil protection authorities, specialising in optimisation of information flow between technology providers and security end-users for crisis management and rescue activities. Nowadays, CIK is an interdisciplinary team consisting of geographic information system (GIS), Earth observation (EO) and UAV data analysis experts supported by well-qualified crisis management specialists.