Disaster Management AI Portal


Flood Exercise Scenario

Datasets collected during a flood exercise scenario on the shore of an artificial lake in Cyprus.

Search-and-Rescue Exercise Scenario

Datasets collected during a search-and-rescue scenario in Cyprus.

Floods in Sardinia, Italy (November, December 2020)

Dataset collected during a deadly flooding that occurred in Sardinia.

Drones’ footage of a search-and-rescue exercise scenario (at seaside)

Dataset collected during a search-and-rescue scenario by the seaside in Cyprus.


Aerial Person Detector

Detecting and tracking persons from a drone’s footage in real time.

Disaster Detector / Classifier

Disaster detector and classifier for detecting fires, floods, and building disasters.

Aerial Image Classification for Drone-based Emergency Monitoring (EmergencyNet)

A small deep learning model based on atrous convolutional feature fusion for the application of emergency response.

Manuals / Whitepapers / Seminars etc.

Training Material

The training material on the employment of Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Management that is developed within the framework of the ARTION project.

Online Seminar: Success Stories of AI technologies (Video)

The first online seminar organized by ARTION hosting four speakers presenting interesting case studies of AI technologies in use.

Online Training: AI for disaster management (Video)

An online training organized and presented by ARTION consortium members on the operational use of AI tools and algorithms in disaster management.

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