Connected Autonomous Vehicles Orchestrated with Intelligent Decisions (C-AVOID)

The role of connected vehicles in the transportation system is paving the way to improved road safety. Wireless communication is increasing the potential of connected vehicles related to issues such as collision avoidance and vehicle coordination. However, most advanced methods take for granted the wireless link, neglecting the communication commitment and the processing latency. What’s more, advanced algorithms rely on very precise assumptions. The EU-funded C-AVOID project will build a realistic full-fledged architecture based on the new generation of cellular networks (5G) and on the edge computational capabilities of the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform to test in practice novel algorithms on:

  • Collision avoidance exploiting the modeling of human driver maneuvers through the collection at the edge of historical vehicle data;
  • Autonomous vehicle coordination at dangerous road areas, accounting for vehicle location uncertainty.

The objective is to validate the ability of such architecture to fulfill safety requirements respecting tight QoS requirements.