Cyprus Civil Defence (CCD)

The mission of the Cyprus Civil Defence is to take preventive, repressive and supporting humanitarian measures in order to protect the population and its property, as well as the environment and critical infrastructure from the effects of disasters either natural (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes etc.) or man-made (technological accidents, armed conflict, etc.). Cyprus Civil Defence also aims to provide the necessary conditions for the population's survival and recovery following a disaster.

KIOS Research Center - University of Cyprus (KIOS)
Technical partner

KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, of the University of Cyprus, is an academic/research institution that has attained scientific excellence in information and communication technologies. KIOS CoE has a strong background in RPAS technologies for emergency management through the DG ECHO PREDICATE project and the collaborations it established with organizations in emergency management through its Innovation Hub. To date KIOS developed functionalities (including automated path-planning, real-time image analysis and object detection, and payload deliveries) that assist first-responder operators rapidly achieve their missions in a more effective and efficient manner. These functionalities have been implemented and demonstrated in practise over several types of RPAS units that KIOS possesses. In addition to its turn-key technological developments, KIOS has established a training course on the use of RPAS for emergency response that is delivered to key stakeholders at an international level and part of which is being presented to participants of the UCPM AMC training course 5 times a year. KIOS also hosted the first 4-day Exchange of EU Experts workshops on the use of RPAS units for emergency management.

Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna (RAS)

The Department of Risk forecasting, information systems, infrastructures and network service conducts, among others, risks forecast and prevention. RAS organizes task forces to lead interventions and coordinate actions in emergencies. RAS has participated in many EU projects, including Proterina II, Prefer, Netrisk.

Communication and Information Systems Directorate (CISD)

Communication and Information Systems Directorate (CISD) is a structure within the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria which operates, develops and maintains all of the centralized communication and information systems of the Ministry of Interior through: 1. building up, maintaining and developing communication systems used by the Ministry of Interior authorities, researching and implementing new technologies; 2. Assisting in building up centralized automated information funds; 3. Designing, constructing, maintaining and developing video surveillance and security systems, TETRA radio communication system, etc .; 4. Managing and implementing projects related to ICT; 5. Studying, building up, maintaining and developing both technically and functionally the National Early Warning and Alert System for executive bodies and the components of the United Rescue System in cases of disasters and emergency; maintaining an up-to-date database of officials included in the alert groups; 6. participating in the planning, construction and technical development of the systems related to the Single European Emergency Number 112; 7. ensuring the monitoring system operation and development - Aerospace monitoring centre (AMC) in providing the generated and processed information to the structures of the Ministry of Interior and exchanging it with other state bodies and institutions; developing a geoportal of the Aerospace monitoring centre with new functionalities; applying services in accordance to European programs. The "Monitoring and Alert Systems" Department is a structure of CISD within the Ministry of Interior. The department activities are focused on developing, building and maintaining of the National Early Warning and Alert System and the observations’ system - AMC.