AIDERS – truly a game changer!

DG ECHO AIDERS project: Artificial intelligence to support decision-making.

In Cyprus, Artificial Intelligence is being used to help first responders to make rapid and better-informed decisions even if they are not at the location of the emergency! The team of the ‘Real-time Artificial Intelligence for DEcision support via RPAS data analyticS’ – or the ‘AIDERS project’ identified a common problem for first responders: information collected by drones is limited to snapshots of the situation on the ground. If decision-makers have only a narrow picture of the emergency, situational awareness and subsequent decision-making becomes even more difficult. The AIDERS project, led by the Kios Center of Excellence of the University of Cyprus aims to better support decision-making in emergencies. They developed an online machine that uses algorithms to process and analyse the data collected from drones. Through this operation, the team creates real-time situational maps of the incident. The information is collected through sensors like visual or thermal cameras on board of the drones. This innovation allows decision-makers to have a clear understanding of situation in the field. As a result, they can make better-informed decisions… truly a game changer!

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