Project Impacts

Through the Teaming project, the KIOS CoE implements a large number of activities under the five KIOS strategic pillars with targeted outputs and outcomes that meet the KIOS CoE objectives, namely building the human capacity, facilitating excellent research and innovation, implementing the KIOS CIS Testbeds, and building an international network of collaborations. In turn three specific expected impacts are anticipated with respect to the research and innovation performance of Cyprus.

Scientific CapabilitiesCompetitive FundingResearch and Innovation Culture

Scientific Capabilities

A plethora of activities aim for a step-change improvement of the scientific capabilities of Cyprus in terms of (a) boosting human capacity by increasing the availability and quality of different workforce groups, and (b) raising excellence and multidisciplinary collaboration in science and technology. The main drive to boost scientific capacity is the Education and Training Programme, within which the 1) MSc and PhD programmes, 2) the extensive training programme, 3) and the collaboration with industrial and entrepreneurial networks will provide an integrated skillset for personal and professional development.

Competitive Funding

The increased scientific capabilities of Cyprus emanating from the KIOS CoE activities will lead to:

  • A more high-calibre workforce that has the scientific competences to attract research funding (e.g. Horizon2020).
  • Active cooperation with a larger pool of national/international collaborators to form strong, multidisciplinary consortia.
  • Higher technology maturity (i.e. supporting a higher TRL), which unlocks new funding streams.
  • Increased attractiveness of Cypriot organisations to be invited into international project consortia.
  • Needs-driven industry-relevant innovative project ideas relevant to the societal and industrial challenges of Cyprus and Europe.

Research and Innovation Culture

KIOS CoE aims at significantly improving the research and innovation culture of Cyprus by:

  • Increasing the research intensity through higher research and innovation expenditure in the public and private sector, competitive international funding and venture capital investments.
  • Raising the innovation performance as a result of more intensive collaboration of KIOS CoE with the public and private sectors, higher generation of intellectual assets, the introduction by SMEs of innovative products, and higher economic success of innovation.
  • Improving the values and attitudes towards research and innovation among different target groups (students, researchers, private companies, government agencies).