The group’s open-source datasets, algorithms and developed tools can be accessed here.

“UAS in emergency management” training material can be accessed here.

Videos from various project activities

Video Description
Autonomous UAV-based counter-drone system. Honorary Mention in the 2022 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition “Communications Technology Changing the World” for Nicolas Souli, PhD Candidate, Rafael Makrigiorgis, Software Engineer I, Research Assist. Prof. Panayiotis Kolios, and Prof. Georgios Ellinas
AIDERS AI multi-robotic platform.
Preview of PandoraSeal toolbox facilitating modelling, forecasting and what-if analysis of COVID19 spreading rate.
The Cyprus EUDCC issuing process employing the MoH backend developed by KIOS to provide negative test results and recovery COVID19 certificates.
The Cyprus national contact tracing application for Covid19 employing the MoH backend developed by KIOS to manage potential/confirmed Covid19 cases.
Review of our autonomous systems solutions for the safety & security sector.
Our Autonomous Drone-based Power Line Infrastructure Inspection System in action.
Road traffic monitoring research and available datasets can be downloaded from the harpy site.
Flashlight use in operating UAVs during night time.
Payload deliveries using UAVs.
Search and rescue exercise in Limassol with joint UAS/ K9 operations.
Introducing UAS autonomous path planning features through the SWIFTAG ground control app.
3D printed casing for UAS embedded board.