Emergency Response Technologies

The KIOS CoE develops state of the art tools and methodologies for emergency response management, monitoring and inspection of critical infrastructures through the utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs), sensors and robotics technologies.

These technologies are used for the development of intelligent functionalities including automated path-planning, real-time image analysis, object detection and coordination architectures for multi-drone systems that ensure scalable and robust operations.

The key benefits of such systems include, the enhancement of public safety, improvement of CIS efficiency, safety of operations and hazards avoidance, reduction of person-hours and costs.


Use Cases

Infrastructure Inspection​

Vision-based detection, tracking and identification of the infrastructure components (including poles and insulators, lines and surrounding obstacles). High resolution and reliable spatial/time data in a safe, reliable and fast manner.

Safety & Security​

Automated deployment of drone agents for effective searching, detecting and tracking intruders to safeguard sensitive facilities enabling heighten security levels, fast response times, and reduced exposure to risks.

Traffic Management​

Accurate vehicle detection and tracking. Real-time vehicle state information (e.g., vehicles’ trajectories, velocities) and road-lanes state estimations (e.g., average speed and density).


Dr. Panayiotis Kolios

Research Assistant Professor

For collaborations or request for the use of the emergency response technologies please send us an email.