Innovation is all about bringing novel ideas to reality. It is an integral part of the Europe 2020 strategy to boost economic growth, enterprise competitiveness and job creation. Innovative activities, translated into successful products, are the power expanding and maintaining Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) that provide the majority of employment positions in the EU. Innovation is also the main driver to tackle global societal challenges such as climate change, energy scarcity and smart mobility. However, many institutions and organizations, both private and governmental, who stand to gain from innovative new technologies, do not have the expertise or capacity to perform their in-house research.


The KIOS Innovation Hub of the KIOS Center of Excellence aims to fulfill this role by bringing together research experts, industry and innovation-focused enterprises to create an ecosystem that spans the entire innovation cycle from discovery to technology commercialization. The KIOS Innovation Hub through its Industrial Membership Program aims to:

  • Provide research and innovation services to organizations involved in the management, operation and security of critical infrastructures related to monitoring, control and security using information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Stimulate information, technology and talent transfer to/from industry
  • Envisage and create innovate products and services jointly with industry

This research and innovation network is expected to make significant contributions to the promotion of a knowledge-based economy, bringing new employment opportunities in high-tech areas as well as new ideas for economic growth in Cyprus and Europe as a whole.


Industrial Membership Program

The KIOS Innovation Hub promotes collaboration between industry, academia and research organizations in high-tech areas of global importance, via an Industrial Membership Program suitable for operators of critical infrastructure systems and regulators, related commercial and governmental organizations and innovative SMEs. Participating organizations are beneficiaries and can commercially exploit the research and technology outputs of the KIOS CoE. The Industrial Membership Program includes two membership levels (Members and Partners) with significant benefits and privileges.


Member organizations enjoy a standard membership package, with annual cooperation agreements (membership fee based on organization size). Benefits include:

  • Collaboration in EU/National project proposals
  • Participation in networking and collaboration events
  • Updates regarding national and European funding opportunities
  • Immediate access to white papers, technology roadmaps and the KIOS CoE annual report
  • Free access for employees to specialized seminars, training and networking events
  • Early access to IP
  • Access to student and co-supervision of theses and dissertations

Organizations can also opt for a closer collaboration as Partners. Given a stronger financial annual commitment, a partnership allows for significant additional benefits and resources tailored to the needs of the organization, including:

  • Individualized R&D support (custom projects)
  • Assignment of dedicated, highly qualified, researchers and developers
  • Training and access to the KIOS CIS Test-beds for developing new products and services
  • Preferential and exclusive participation in research proposals and consortia (right-of-first-refusal)


Entrepreneurship Network

The innovation ecosystem of the KIOS Innovation Hub is complemented by the Entrepreneurship Network to facilitate start-ups, venture capital investments and associated translational activities.