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Graduate Training School

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KIOS Graduate Training School​

The KIOS CoE in collaboration with Imperial College London, organize an annual Graduate Training School, focusing on the monitoring, control, management, and security of critical infrastructures, machine learning, big data analytics and computational intelligence. The Summer School is open to young professionals, Ph.D. students and recent graduates from Cyprus and abroad who want to enrich their research skills and experience in related topics.

Graduate Training School 2018

The 2018 Graduate Training School took place from 3-7 September at the University of Cyprus and attracted around 100 PhD students and researchers from Cyprus and abroad (Greece, Germany, Denmark, France, Ukraine and United Kingdom) who are working in related areas.

The 5-day programme included lectures by world-recognized experts in their fields, Professor Sergios Theodoridis (University of Athens) and Professor Alberto Isidori (Sapienza University of Rome), practical exercises, laboratory courses, daily poster sessions, a Machine-Learning Hackathon as well as social activities. 

Graduate Training School 2019

The 2019 Graduate Training School took place from 16-20 September 2019 at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia and was addressed to postgraduate students and early researchers who were interested in Machine Learning, Control Theory, Optimization, and related areas.

Lectures were delivered by distinguished experts in their fields, Professor Marco Gori (University of Siena, Italy) and Professor Alberto Bemborad (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy). In addition, Stelios Prokopiou, co-founder and Director of Chrysalis Leap, the first accelerator in Cyprus gave a one-day course on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Graduate Training School 2021

The 2021 Graduate Training School on Cyber-Security held online on 14-15 September 2021 and attracted postgraduate students, researchers and engineers who wanted to expand their knowledge in Cyber-Security related areas.

The 2-day course was delivered by two world-recognized experts in their fields, Prof. Bruno Sinopoli (Washington University in St. Louis (USA,)) and Prof. Mihalis Maniatakos (New York University (NYU) in Abu Dhabi (UAE)). The first lecturer talked about the “Design of Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems” and the second one about the “Security Evaluation of Modern Industrial Control Systems”.