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KIOS Innovation Hub Partners

Innovation Hub Partners

Government & Public Sector

An ICT ecosystem with active collaboration and interaction, bringing innovation and continuously evolving. 

Our collaborators and partners comprise of all the major CIS stakeholders with significant activity in the power and energy, telecom, transport and water monitoring and emergency management response sectors.

SMEs and Start-Ups

We strive to continuously expand our partnerships with startups and SMEs in the CIS space for the externalization of background knowledge, expertise and infrastructure support as part of our contribution to the creation of new innovative products and services in the region.

Networks & clusters

Strong collaboration with several local and European Innovation and Service networks as well as Entrepreneurial networks and clusters to contribute to an international fostering environment of innovation as knowledge creation through the provision of back ground expertise, exchange of skills, ideas and know how. 

Through this network, we provide local SMEs and organizations the opportunity to initiate and grow their entrepreneurial activities.