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KIOS Virtual City

The KIOS Virtual City is a specially designed virtual platform to assist with the management and operation of interdependent critical infrastructures systems (e.g. water, power, telecommunications and transportation) and can be used to assess the cascading effects of natural or manmade disasters (e.g. flooding, power blackouts) which can seriously impact people’s everyday lives, affecting their safety and well-being.

The Virtual City emulates the actual operation of Critical Infrastructure Systems within the urban and sub-urban environment and offers a virtual decision support facility for assessing the security and efficiency of a city as well as its environmental footprint and operational costs. This platform is ideal for use by policy makers, CIS operators and other stakeholders to assist them towards their decision making with respect to the management of a smart city environment.

The KIOS Virtual City is available as a standalone customizable software to meet user’s needs and it is showcased at KIOS Control Room.


Dr. Philippos Isaia

Senior Software Engineer

For collaborations or request for the use of KIOS Virtual City please send us an email.