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Intelligent Transportation Systems

KIOS CoE research and innovation activities related with Intelligent Transportation Systems include monitoring control and optimization of large scale road network aiming to eliminate traffic congestion and also to provide safer, smarter, sustainable and eco-friendly transport networks.

These activities include the investigation and validation of functional requirements, safety principles, and test methods for emerging system concepts in automated and connected vehicles.

Furthermore, KIOS CoE provides holistic assessments, analysis and solutions for various problem related with the next generation of transportation networks including the investigation of autonomous intersection crossing, energy minimization strategies, congestion avoidance schemes and innovative architectures aiming to improve the overall network efficiency and travel time reliability.



Innovative Strategies for monitor and control:

  • Fault-adaptive traffic state estimation
  • Automated speed harmonization prototyping and testing
  • Simulation for research on automated longitudinal vehicle control
  • High performance vehicle streams simulation
  • Partial automation for truck platooning
  • Lane changing schemes
  • Autonomous intersection crossing
  • Energy minimization schemes
  • Congestion avoidance techniques

Advanced modelling, simulations schemes:

  • Development of functional requirements, safety principles, and test methods for emerging system concepts in automated and connected vehicles
  • Design, develop and simulation of intelligent monitoring and control schemes for transportation systems
  • Create digital twins of transportation systems through the development of realistic simulations considering real field measurement

Testing and Validation:

  • Test and validate emerging system methodologies in automated and connected vehicles in real environment
  • Test and validate dataset generation, mapping, navigation, machine learning and other advanced self-driving concepts in open-architecture, scaled model vehicle ideal for validating most advanced self-driving concepts
  • Test advanced driver assistance systems

Safety and Security:

  • Functional safety of automated lane centering controls
  • Cybersecurity requirements for automated and connected vehicles
  • Driver acceptance and perception of automated vehicle systems
  • Human factors evaluation of combined function automation concepts



Dr. Charalambos Menelaou

Transportation Systems Research Infrastructure Leader

For collaborations or request for the use of the infrastructure please send us an email.