Research_AreasModern societies have come to a point where our every day life relies heavily on the safe operation and management of critical infrastructures, such as electric power systems, telecommunication networks, water distribution networks and biomedical engineering systems.

Monitoring and control of such systems is becoming increasingly more challenging as a consequence of the fact that the size and complexity of such systems are steadily growing. Furthermore, the performance objectives have been expanded from the traditional goal of achieving smooth system operation to having high levels of accuracy, efficiency and fault tolerance. The security of such systems has to be enhanced not only for handling accidents (for example due to human error) but also for handling possible intentional attempts to interrupt the operation of such critical systems. Hence, monitoring and control of critical infrastructure systems is a timely and urgent research issue worldwide.

Recognizing that research in intelligent (network embedded) systems requires multidisciplinary expertise, the KIOS Research Center brings together researchers specializing in a wide range of fundamental areas, such as systems and control, distributed systems and algorithms, graph theory and optimization, computational intelligence, fault diagnosis and fault tolerance, as well as simulation and hardware tools (e.g., sensor networks and embedded systems) in an attempt to provide holistic and viable solutions for a variety of critical systems.  The intelligent system approaches developed at KIOS can apply to a wide spectrum of applications. Currently, the emphasis of the applications are on power systems, communication networks, water distribution networks, transportation systems, and health-care delivery systems.



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