Power and energy systems


power systems

The KIOS CoE Innovation Hub collaborates closely with the local energy utility operator as well as the national energy regulatory authority and policy makers. The aim of this collaboration is focused on optimizing the operation of energy operators in Cyprus which will lead to cost efficiencies and risk minimization. Moreover, the Center is involved in the activities for optimizing the national transmission system for energy for a 10 year horizon.



Water Systems


waterThe KIOS CoE Innovation Hub collaborates with water authorities in Cyprus towards the development of novel technologies aiming to improve their water distribution system’s monitoring and control capabilities. These technologies result in reducing water losses, increasing efficiency of operations and monitoring water quality.




Transportation Systems



The KIOS CoE Innovation Hub develops innovative technological methods in collaboration with the relevant Departments of the Cyprus Ministry of Transport Communications and Works to achieve a more efficient monitoring and management of Cyprus' transportation network. These technologies will result in substantial traffic congestion relief, leading eventually to the decrease of travel time, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and the improvement of the quality of life in general.



Emergency Management and Response Systems



The KIOS CoE Innovation Hub collaborates closely with emergency responders as well as civilian protection authorities towards the development of technologies for emergency management and response. These technologies assist the first-responder operators to achieve their missions in a more effective and efficient manner, since they enhance the decision support, the real time surveillance and the monitoring during emergency operations.






The KIOS CoE Innovation Hub collaborates with telecom operators for the creation of innovative AI based tools and ICT applications which will be embedded into the company’s systems with the aim to enhance and improve operational processes through automation as well as customer experience.