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We bring research and practice together in an innovation ecosystem by offering alternative tools and methodologies, generating novel insights and conducting data-driven research



The KIOS Innovation Hub was created in 2017 with the aim to enable the technology transfer of the core research competencies of KIOS CoE in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to organizations involved in the monitoring, control, security and management of critical infrastructures.


Its vision is to promote collaboration between academia, industry, operators of critical infrastructure systems, regulators, as well as governmental organizations with the ultimate goal to create an ecosystem that spans the entire innovation cycle from conception of an idea to its commercialization. 


R&I Services

We offer the following Research and Innovation Services on ICT and digital technologies for the monitoring, control, security and management of critical infrastructure systems (CIS): 


• Bespoke research projects customized for the needs of partners 

• Validation of state-of-the-art digital technologies and concepts (KIOS Research Infrastructures)

• Training and reskilling through seminars, workshops and other training activities

• Transfer of know-how for the co-creation of products and services with industry 

• Networking with local and international experts, researchers and professionals on current and future technology topics and their application in CIS  


Unique Value Proposition

• Transfer of know-how from highly experienced researchers related to the application of ICT and digital technologies for the monitoring, control security and management of CIS
• Opportunity to utilize state of the art technology and facilities for addressing crucial operational and business challenges related to CIS
• Unique combination of research, technical and industry skills for the design of ‘human’ centric and user-friendly solutions tailored to specific needs



"The continuous evolution of power systems creates several needs with respect to the efficient utilization of new digital technologies. With the valuable assistance of KIOS Center of Excellence through the KIOS Innovation Hub, Electricity Authority of Cyprus is able to familiarize its personnel with new technologies, test new concepts and understand the added value that these offer to the operation of power system and the business processes of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus”

Andreas Ioannides, EAC


"The Water Board of Limassol (WBL) is facing significant challenges, such as the rapid increase of our area of operation and the possible gradual expansion to a district level, the increasing number of consumers and water consumption, the reduction of personnel as well as the high cost of non-revenue water. The collaboration with the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus during the past 10 years, has assisted our Organization towards its technological development and advancement, helping us to become more efficient, and improve the services towards our consumers."

Socrates Metaxas, WLB