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The KIOS Innovation Hub, the research and innovation unit within KIOS CoE, was created in 2017 with the aim to enable the technology transfer of the core research competencies of KIOS CoE in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to organizations involved in the monitoring, control, security and management of critical infrastructures.


Its vision is to promote collaboration between academia, industry, operators of critical infrastructure systems, regulators, as well as governmental organizations with the ultimate goal to create an ecosystem that spans the entire innovation cycle from conception of an idea to its commercialization. This is achieved through the creation of collaboration agreements for the implementation of research and innovation activities, which include:


  • The provision of research and innovation (R&I) services concerning the monitoring, control, management and security of critical Infrastructures, based on ICT, including bespoke research customized to Innovation Hub partners needs, and other related R&I services.
  • The stimulation of know-how, technology and information to and from industry.
  • The commercialization activities leading to the creation of innovate products and services jointly with industry.


The mutually beneficial collaborations contribute to:


  • The exploitation of innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
  • The promotion of digital skills into the public sector and the retraining of personnel
  • The advancement of research results into higher technological service levels (TRLs)
  • The systematic change of culture in Cyprus towards Research and Innovation

Innovation is an integral part of the Europe 2020 strategy to boost economic growth, enterprise competitiveness and job creation. Innovative activities, translated into successful products, are powering Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) that provide the majority of employment positions in the EU.


Innovation is also the main driver to tackle global societal challenges such as climate change, energy scarcity and smart mobility. However, many institutions and organizations, both private and governmental, that stand to gain from innovative new technologies, do not have the expertise or capacity to perform in-house research.