Our innovation has been incorporated in advanced software platforms related to water management, road network data, and emergency response management. These systems assist the CIS stakeholders to enhance decision making processes within their operations, in an effort to make them more resilient and sustainable.


“Oceanos” Platform


The platform “Oceanos” has been developed by the KIOS researchers within the research collaboration agreement between the KIOS Innovation Hub and the Water Board of Limassol. This integrated platform gathers, stores, and accesses data from water networks, thus becoming a useful decision-making tool for the Water Board of Limassol. Utilizing this platform, the Board will be able to better monitor and detect any leaks in Limassol’s water network, aiming to reduce the response time for the restoration of the faults.




“GNOSIS” platform

gnosisThe “GNOSIS” platform is being developed within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the KIOS Innovation Hub and the Public Works Department of the Ministry of Transport, communications, and Works. “GNOSIS” is an integrated Geographic Information System that collects, stores, analyzes and presents all data related to the Cyprus road network (such as road network topology, speed limits, signs, etc.), aiming to become a useful tool for the optimal management of data for intelligent decision making by the Public Works Department on the Cyprus road network.




“Mission Control” platform

mission control

The “Mission Control” platform is implemented in the framework of the research collaboration between the Cyprus Police and the KIOS Innovation Hub and aims at supporting the management of emergencies, decision making, and strategic planning by the Cyprus Police. The platform features a digital map with several capabilities (i.e., calculation of the optimal route to reach a point of interest, measurement of distances, etc.) can be utilized by the Cyprus Police to enhance its decision-making and operational capabilities.



IP commercialization


We are working together with skilled and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs to secure funding for the creation of new startups to exploit the center’s research IP. Currently, we participate as a partner in five projects, which have received pre-seed funding through the “RESTART 2016-2020” Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) of the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Cyprus Seeds nonprofit organization: 


1) Air Quality Monitoring of Indoor Environments.

2) Web-based solution for real-time optimizing the operation of energy storage systems.

3) Intelligent swarm multi-drone platform for emergency response situations.

4) Preventing unattended data recording and leakage in smart devices.

5) Artificially Intelligent Real-Time Drone Monitoring Tactics to Safeguard Sensitive Facilities.