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Research Engineers (Smart Water and Environmental Systems)

Deadline: 2024

Title: Special Scientist for Research (Research Engineer)
No. of Positions: Two (2)
Category: Employment contract
Location: University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence ( at the University of Cyprus announces two (2) Special Scientist for Research (Research Engineer) positions, focusing on Smart Water and Environmental Systems, for full-time employment. The successful candidates will conduct Research and Development activities within the context of Research and Innovation, as well as provide technical and research support in the area of Information and Communication Technologies with emphasis on the Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems.

Who we are:
The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence is the largest research center at the University of Cyprus and in 2017 was upgraded to a European Research Center of Excellence through the KIOS CoE Teaming project. Currently, the Center employs more than 180 people who are supported by externally funded research and innovation projects. The KIOS CoE operates in a diverse environment as an equal opportunity employer.

What we do:
KIOS provides an inspiring environment for carrying out top level research and innovation in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, with emphasis on the Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructures. Such infrastructures include power and energy systems, water networks, transportation networks, telecommunication networks and emergency management and response. The Center instigates interdisciplinary interaction and promotes collaboration between industry, academia, and research organizations in high-tech areas of global importance.

Why work at KIOS:
You will have the opportunity to work on various high-profile projects with great impact on society and the environment, not only on a local but also on a global scale.
In KIOS we strive to create a multicultural, diverse and inclusive workplace and we strongly support the continuous personnel evolvement and development, both personally and professionally, to fulfill your long-term goals. We offer internal and external professional training, covering both technical and soft skills.

Job Details
The successful candidates are expected to:
• Design models of urban drinking and wastewater systems within GIS frameworks.
• Design computational models using water modelling and simulation tools (such as EPANET, SWMM, etc.).
• Develop software modules using MATLAB and/or Python.
• Implement research studies on hydraulic and water quality modeling using real and simulated data.
• Employ advanced statistical methods and/or machine learning techniques for data analysis.
• Design and implementation of novel software tools for Early Warning Systems and Digital Twins.
• Support and maintenance of open-source libraries used by the scientific community (e.g., the epyt Python package, EPANET-MATLAB Toolkit, etc.).
• Contribute to the development of the OCEANOS Integrated Water Management System.
• Gather system requirements from industrial partners and conduct requirement analysis to inform system designs.
• Support the development of the KIOS Smart Water Research Infrastructure.
• Produce high-quality deliverables, including reports and scientific papers, to disseminate findings and developments.

The required skills and expertise for the announced positions include the following:
• Good programming skills in MATLAB or Python for developing algorithms.
• Understanding of modelling and simulation of environmental systems.
• Understanding of analyzing data using advanced statistical methods or machine learning or conducting various studies.

Profile of the ideal candidate:
• Problem solving skills
• Team-player
• Reliable and trustworthy
• Flexible and eager to learn
• Able to adapt in a fast-paced dynamic environment
• Have good communication, organizational and self-management skills
• Excellent knowledge of the Greek and English language

Qualifications and Experience:
• Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or other relevant field from an accredited institution.
• Experience with GIS frameworks (e.g., QGIS) and water simulation tools (e.g., EPANET, SWMM) will be considered an advantage.
• Experience in preparing reports and deliverables will be considered an advantage.
• Experience in water systems will be considered an advantage.
• Experience in research and innovation projects will be considered an advantage.
• Experience in Project Management will be considered an advantage.

Employment Terms:
The positions are on a contract basis. Initially, a one-year contract will be offered, with a 6-month probation period, which is renewable based on performance. The gross monthly salary depends on the candidate’s qualifications and experience and will be between €1500 – 2500. From this amount, employee contributions to the Cyprus government funds will be deducted. A 13th salary bonus is incorporated in the monthly salary. Maternity leave will be granted based on Maternity Protection Law 1997(Ν.100(Ι)/1997), and the existing amendment laws.

Interested candidates should submit the following items online through the link:
• Cover letter explaining the interest of the applicant in pursuing a career at the KIOS CoE, along with employment availability date
• Short summary of prior work experiences, activities and accomplishments (can be combined with the cover letter) (2 pages maximum)
• A detailed curriculum vitae in English or in Greek
• Copies of transcripts of BSc/MSc or other degree(s)
• Copy of an English language certificate
• Identify at least two referees that can provide reference letters

The applications should be submitted as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, 19th of April 2024, at 5 pm. The evaluation of the applications will begin immediately.

At least the best three candidates that satisfy the required qualifications will be interviewed by the Selection Committee. Candidates will be informed of the result of their application by the KIOS CoE.

Applicants need not be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. Applicants should however ensure, before applying, that in case they are selected they will be residing in Cyprus on a full-time basis during the employment period.

The University of Cyprus shall collect and process your personal data according to the provisions of the General Regulation on Personal Data 2016/679 (EU).
The University of Cyprus (UCY) is committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equality, as well as the elimination of all forms of discrimination in order to provide a fair, safe, and pleasant environment for the entire university community, where students and staff members will feel supported both in their professional and personal development, within and beyond their multiple identities. To this end, UCY seeks to create the necessary conditions that will encourage and respect diversity and ensure dignity both in the workplace and society at large. Moreover, UCY has adopted specific policies to promote equal opportunities, as well as respect and understanding of diversity, while it is committed to promoting and maintaining a working, teaching, and learning environment, free from any form of discrimination, whether direct or indirect.

For more information, please contact the KIOS Center of Excellence, by phone at +357 22893460 or via e-mail at [email protected].