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Administrative Support Staff Position – Laboratory Manager

Deadline: Closed Positions

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) at the University of Cyprus announces one position for a full time Special Scientist (Administrative Support Staff) to manage and operate the KIOS CoE Laboratory and Testbed infrastructure. This vital post involves administration of the procurement processes, equipment installation/configuration/ maintenance, management of equipment inventory, training of equipment users, and overseeing the maintenance/housekeeping of all laboratory equipment and spaces. Moreover, the successful candidate is expected to collaborate with KIOS CoE researchers in setting up the equipment required for conducting various experiments. The successful candidate will be expected to implement the University regulations in terms of procuring, health and safety, security, and other policies and protocols.

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence is the largest research center at the University of Cyprus and has recently been upgraded to a European Research Center of Excellence through the KIOS CoE Teaming project, with significant funding in excess of 40 million euros over the next 15 years. Currently, the Center employs about 90 researchers, who are supported by externally funded research projects while the vision of KIOS is that it will grow to 150-200 researchers by 2022.

KIOS provides an inspiring environment for carrying out top-level research in the area of Information and Communication Technologies with emphasis on the Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructures including power and energy systems, water networks, transportation networks, telecommunication networks and emergency management and response. The Center instigates interdisciplinary interaction and promotes collaboration between industry, academia and research organizations in high-tech areas of global importance.


The position is on a contract basis. Initially a one-year contract will be offered, but this may be renewable based on performance for multiple years without any limitation. The monthly gross salary depends on the candidate’s qualifications and expertise and will be between €1500- €2000. The 13th salary bonus is incorporated in the monthly salary. The position does not include medical insurance coverage, however the University of Cyprus provides the opportunity, if the employee desires so, to become a member at the Governmental Medical Plan (annual cost per person €550) or join the Private Medical Scheme (cost of 5.5% of gross salary). Maternity leave will be granted based on Maternity Protection Laws 1997 to 2011.


The KIOS CoE Lab Manager plays a vital role in the overall set-up, management and safety of the Center’s Lab and is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Lab. The Lab Manager is expected to support KIOS CoE personnel in all laboratory related issues and to take responsibility for all aspects of the Lab, including but not limited to: instruments/equipment, users of the Lab, and supplies needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Management of the Lab

  • Be familiar with the regulatory requirements specific to the Lab and ensure all users are in-compliance with those standards.
  • Administer the procurement process for new laboratory equipment. This includes helping the Center’s researchers in determining the specifications and managing all procedures necessary for acquiring the new equipment, following the required rules and regulations of the University and the Project Agreements for the various research projects implemented at the Center.
  • Perform all correspondence related to the responsibilities of the Lab Manager.
  • Update and maintain the Lab Operation, and Health and Safety Regulations/Manuals.
  • Update and maintain the Inventory for all the laboratory equipment of the Center.

Laboratory Operation

  • Ensure the proper working order of all equipment in the Lab, including the Center’s Testbed Infrastructures, and when is found to be in need of maintenance/repair, take the appropriate actions to have it maintained/repaired.
  • Keep the Lab well-stocked with supplies and ensure all supplies are available when needed.
  • Oversee laboratory safety and ensure that the laboratory remains in compliance with all University and EU related regulations. In cases where non-compliance is found, document the instances as well as how they were abated.
  • Communicate and enforce laboratory operation, security, and health & safety rules to internal and external researchers working in the Lab.


  • Ensure Lab users have been trained on the correct use of the lab equipment, in addition to mentoring and disciplining lab users for not following safety policies/procedures that have been established for the Lab. Training includes but is not limited to: equipment training, safety training and/or lab safety plan reviews and ensure the training has been documented.
  • The training may be performed by the Lab Manager or other indicated KIOS personnel or external trainer, depending on the needs of the training and the qualifications of the trainer.


  • Ensure the Lab and Testbeds space is maintained clean, safe and all equipment is kept in an orderly manner.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and/or postgraduate degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or a related Engineering and/or Science field from an accredited institution.
  • Previous relevant experience will be considered an advantage.


  • Knowledge of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fundamentals (ability to perform basic installation and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Understanding of basic Operational, Health and Safety Procedures in a laboratory environment
  • Basic office and O/S (Windows/Linux) Skills
  • Very Good Organizational and Communication Skills
  • Able to Work in a Team
  • Very good knowledge of the Greek and English Languages

Interested candidates should submit the following items online via the link:

  1. Cover letter that specifies their employment availability date
  2. A detailed curriculum vitae in English or in Greek
  • Copies of transcripts of BSc/MSc/PhD degree(s)
  1. Short description of their practical experiences (1 page maximum), both in Greek and English
  2. The names and contact details of at least two persons from whom references may be requested

The applications should be submitted as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, 7th September 2018, 5:00pm. For more information please contact the KIOS Research Center, by phone at +357 22893450/51 or via e-mail at kios@,