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Dr. Nearchos Stylianidis

Dr. Nearchos Stylianidis received a MSc degree on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technologies from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle upon Tyne in 2014. In 2019, he received his PhD degree from Northumbria University at Newcastle upon Tyne. During his PhD research he developed reduced syngas chemical kinetics mechanisms of combustion for internal combustion engine applications. His main research activities focused on investigating and analyzing the characteristics of different chemical species during the in-cylinder combustion, the development of reduced, cost-effective chemical kinetics mechanisms and the validation of such mechanisms using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and comparing against experimental results. After his PhD he worked as a Post-Doc Thermal Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover in 2018 for one year and as a CFD Engineer at Metso Outotec from 2019 till 2021. Since April 2021 he joined KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence as a research engineer, focusing on CFD modeling of the indoor environment quality (IEQ) for single/multiple rooms.