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Yiolanda Englezou

Yiolanda Englezou is a Senior Research Associate at the KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence at the University of Cyprus. Previously, she served as a Research Associate at the center, beginning in October 2018 after receiving her PhD from the Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI) and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK. She holds a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens, which she completed in 2014, focusing on Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science, with a specialization in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Her research primarily focuses on Bayesian estimation and forecasting techniques, probabilistic uncertainty quantification of static and dynamic systems, probabilistic calibration of physical processes, and Bayesian design of experiments. These areas of research provide a robust foundation for the effective application of Statistics in future intelligent systems. Dr. Englezou’s work has been applied extensively in intelligent transportation systems, where she has gained valuable experience in analyzing and inferring networked linear and nonlinear systems, employing data mining and data fusion techniques, utilizing statistical and machine learning methodologies, and engaging with optimization theory. She is passionately committed to leveraging and expanding these acquired skills to address critical challenges and drive step-changing advancements towards the new era of digital technologies.