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CONTROL4COVID: Intelligent Emergency Information Management Platform for Controlling COVID-19


The main objective of the CONTROL4COVID project is the development and commercial exploitation of an innovative product to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, by offering a complete platform which integrates the major stakeholders in a secure and reliable way, as well as the scientific community to help build a state-of-the-art decision support system for managing the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the operation of most societal functions around the globe. The measures taken to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, had a significant economic impact, affecting negatively industries. According to the Economist, in the EU, where tourism accounts for some 4% of GDP, the number of people travelling by plane fell from 5M to 50,000.

The timely management of COVID-19 is essential and within a short time, many countries had to establish infrastructure in order to manage a rapidly evolving uncertain emergency situation. Each country responded differently, and in most of the cases, they ended up having teams of experts developing different online systems to manage the information produced by the different stakeholders involved in COVID-19, as well as for monitoring the procedures, analysing epidemiological data and making decisions.

The challenge is therefore to provide the necessary mechanisms to facilitate the analysis of the information and to produce data which can be further analyzed to produce insights for managing and controlling the pandemic, for reconfiguring the supply chains, as well as for making more informed decisions in general by understanding the underlying uncertainties.

The project’s results will have a significant impact in both societal and economic terms. By providing the tools for more informed decisions, both the policy makers as well as the businesses, will be better prepared to respond to COVID-19, as well as in other similar situations, reducing the overall societal and economic cost.

The project’s consortium consists of the PHOEBE Research and Innovations Ltd (Cyprus-based SME) as the coordinator, and the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus (University of Cyprus).

The project CONTROL4COVID has received seed funding by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) under the “SEED-COVID” call of the RESTART 2016-2020 Programme.

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