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Integrated platform for maritime surveillance awareness


CY-CISE aims at the development of a Cypriot information sharing environment towards an integrated platform for national maritime surveillance awareness, complying with the overall European CISE vision.

CY CISE leverages the work of the Hellenic CISE project to  develop (i) One National Situational Picture Manager (NSPM) for Cyprus that will collect and aggregate maritime information from all relevant Cypriot maritime communities, (ii) One Cypriot CISE adaptor tailored to the needs of the Cypriot maritime communities in Cyprus, including a test case of cross-border exchange of information with the Hellenic Ministry of Defense (HMOD), and (iii) A customization of the existing Greek NSS CISE adaptor in order to test cross-border exchange of information.

CY CISE aims at enhancing the national Cypriot maritime capabilities and covers cross-sectorial exchange of information among seven maritime communities in Cyprus and cross-border exchange of information between the Cypriot entities and maritime authorities in Greece. Specifically, the members of the Cyprus CISE working group are: (i) the Department of Merchant Shipping, (ii) the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, (iii) the Department of Customs and Excise, (iv) the Port and Marine Police, (v) the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, (vi) the Cyprus Ports Authority, and (vii) the Ministry of Defense.

UCY, supported by DMS (and all participating Departments) is responsible to  analyze and identify all user needs, define the use cases, as well as define the user requirements  for the  Cypriot  CISE adaptor, the  National  Situational  Picture  Manager (NSPM), and the connection with  the  Greek  NSS  CISE  adaptor  (developed  within  the Hellenic  CISE project).