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EvoRoads: Evolutionary Solutions for Realising a Holistic Safe System Approach for All Road Users

smart road transport

EvoRoads project aims to accelerate the attainment of the EU’s “Vision Zero” goal through a holistic framework of innovative models, tools and services that enable data-driven evolution of safety assessment frameworks, facilitate dynamic monitoring of cyber-physical infrastructures, and promote the proactive warning for safety risks in complex environments.

According to the European Commission, around 20,400 people were killed in road crashes in 2023. Although some progress has been made in the last couple of years on reducing road fatalities across Europe, the Commission has put forward a Strategic Action Plan on Road Safety and an EU road safety policy framework 2021-2030, which laid out road safety plans aiming to reach zero road deaths by 2050 (‘Vision Zero’).

EvoRoads will address road challenges by defining safety criteria and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) quantification methodologies covering the entire spectrum of the “Safe System” approach and by developing a connectivity platform where transport infrastructure assets will be digitalized, and safety assessment services will be functioning in a harmonious way. The project will also leverage advanced AI-driven analytics for fusing infrastructure monitoring data at different geospatial resolutions.

The EvoRoads approach will be validated at 7 locations in Spain, Italy, Latvia, and Romania, addressing different types of infrastructure settings and road users in urban and rural environments. The project’s outcomes will contribute to the EU’s long-term goal of moving close to zero fatalities and serious injuries by 2050 in road transportation and increase the resilience of transport systems.

The project involves 18 partners from various sectors from Belgium, Romania, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Sweden, as well as Cyprus and is coordinated by ERTICO ITS Europe. The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus is participating as a partner.

The EvoRoads project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101147850.