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INVERGE: An intelligent INVERter at the grid edGE for future power systems

energy systems inverge

The overall objective of the INVERGE project is to establish a new research framework for a novel inverter-centric approach to enable the sustainable evolution of power systems and enhance the efficiency, power quality, and utilization of future power grids.

Decarbonization of the energy sector is a key driver towards a sustainable development. For this reason, distributed renewable resources will be massively deployed at the grid edge, causing significant operational challenges for future distribution grids. This is happening while the system operators have limited capabilities for managing the operation of the infrastructure, especially in low voltage grids where a large number of consumers and resources are connected. The restrictions are due to the absence of actuators at the grid edge, the lack of communication and the complexity arising in having to facilitate millions of end users.

The INVERGE project proposes a ground-breaking inverter-centric concept to enable the autonomous operation of future distribution grids. The cornerstone of this concept is the inverter, which is located at the grid edge and is commonly used for the grid integration of distributed resources.

The envisioned approach will develop advanced control schemes for inverter to significantly upgrade the role of the inverter into a multi-functional flexible actuator to automate the operation of distribution grids and to provide support to inverter-dominated power systems. In addition, the INVERGE project will develop novel grid-level management and control schemes for active distribution grids, where the provision of ancillary services by grid edge inverter will be effectively coordinated to benefit the operation of modern power grid. In this context, intelligent management and control solutions for distributed energy resources will also be developed to increase the controllability of renewable sources and to reduce the electricity cost for consumers.

This project is associated with the Cyprus Research Award – Young Researcher 2022 which is a research excellence award to early career Cyprus-based researchers. The Young Researcher 2022 Award in physical science and engineering is awarded to Dr. Lenos Hadjidemetriou (project coordinator) considering his contribution to facilitate the green transition of future power systems.

This project has received funding from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation under grant agreement CULTURE/AWARD-YR/0322 B/0003.