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SIEQUA-CERT: Intelligent Decision Support System for Sustainable Indoor Environment

air quality sieqa-certh

The SIEQUA-CERT (Real-time monitoring and actionable decision support for Sustainable Indoor Environment Quality Certification) project aims to develop a web-based actionable decision support system, that combines real-time monitoring of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and a quantifiable impact metric on occupants’ health. These solutions will improve the health of occupants in the indoor spaces.

One of today’s greatest problems is the quality of the air we breathe, both outdoors and indoors, and especially in high occupancy public and commercial buildings. According to World Health Organization, and the Global Health Observatory, approximately 7 million people die each year from exposure to poor air quality conditions. At the same time, there is a significant lack of infrastructure and active solutions to monitor indoor environment and to generate actionable insights for the impact on occupants’ health.

The project will address these challenges by providing necessary and actionable indices to related stakeholders to enable pro-active and real-time decision making. This in turn will lead to the minimization of the adverse impact on occupants’ health from poor indoor environmental conditions and to minimization of virus health-risk.

In addition to the improvement of the occupants’ health in the indoor spaces, the project will Increase awareness about indoor environment quality, enhance adoption of sustainable practices in commercial and accommodation buildings, and decrease operational costs due to increased energy efficiency.

This project’s partnership consists of the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative, the Cyprus-based enterprise Phoebe Research and Innovation Ltd, and the Cyprus-based start-up Lelantus Innovations Ltd.

The SIEQUA-CERT project has received funding from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation / Programme RESTART 2016 – 2020 / I. SMART GROWTH / CO-DEVELOP under Grant Agreement CODEVELOP-ICT-HEALTH/0322/0054.