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THISEAS: A defence research project to enhance the operational capabilities of the Cyprus National Guard

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The defence research project “THISEAS” aims at developing an electronic situational awareness and decision support system to improve the Cyprus National Guard’s operational capabilities.

The THISEAS project has been selected through a highly competitive process, within the framework of the “ATHENA” Action, a research and innovation program funded by the Cyprus Ministry of Defence, which aims to improve existing defence capabilities of the Cyprus National Guard and to develop new ones through scientific and technological excellence. In addition, it aims to develop the Cyprus Defence Research, Technology, and Innovation fields, thus preparing the ground for research organizations in Cyprus to attract funding through the European Defence Agency.

The integrated THISEAS system will have a positive impact on the operational capabilities of the Cyprus National Guard, as the mission leaders will have a better view and understanding of the area of operation and the current conditions, thus contributing significantly to operational planning and decision making.The project’s consortium consists of the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, the CYENS Center of Excellence, and the companies SignalGenerix LTD and Eight Bells LTD.

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