May 2016


Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

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January 2015


Ministerial launch for the new KIOS Premises at the New University Campus

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November 2014


EU funded project iSense wins "Best Paper Award 2014"

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October 2014


New EU Project to help healthcare systems prepare for medical emergencies

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International  Conference on Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems 

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Announcing the selection by the European Research Council of two Proof Of Concept Proposals at the University of Cyprus

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September 2014


Announcing the selection by the European Research Council of two Proof Of Concept Proposals at the University of Cyprus

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June 2014


Press Coverage of the KIOS Workshop

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National TV Coverage of the KIOS Workshop

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Politis Newspaper Article

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KIOS Researchers Present their research projects on Logos Radio with Miranta Lysandrou

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Press Announcements for the KIOS workshop

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May 2014


Prestigious prize at international competition organized by Microsoft Research (USA) 

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Five Students selected for the KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program 2014 

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Five Students selected for the KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program 2014 

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October 2013


ERC Grantees at University of Cyprus

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The President of the Republic of Cyprus gives an honorary award to ERC Grantees in Cyprus National

News Coverage:

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The President of the Republic honoured eight researchers for projects based on grants by the European Research Council (ERC):

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Distinguished International Award for KIOS Researcher Markos Asprou




June 2013

The KIOS Research Center is participating in an important EU Network of Excellence for more resilient Critical Infrastructures


April 2013

Five New Research Projects at the KIOS Research Center


March 2013

KIOS Deputy Director Prof. C. Panayiotou talks to Greek press about the “Smart” Irrigation System WaterBee.

January 2013

The KIOS Research Center is involved in Important Research for the Internal Security of the EU.

December 2012

KIOS Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dr. Demetrios Eliades, talks about Robotics and Computational Intelligence.
The KIOS Research Center is featured as a Success Story in a Special Issue on Cyprus published by an International Finance Magazine.
Award Winning “Smart” phone technology developed by the University of Cyprus, secures interest from an International Hi-Tech Company.

November 2012

Innovative “Smart” Water Irrigation System.

October 2012

EU level publicity for WATERBEE DA (Intelligent Irrigation System for crop growers).
Eminent scientists of the ERC's Scientific Council meet in Limassol (Cyprus).

September 2012

Workshop “Grand Challenges of Computational Intelligence”, 14th September 2012, UCY - IEEE CIS & KIOS.

August 2012

Green and Regulated Electricity Generation.

July 2012

The FP7 funded WATERBEE DA technology project was selected as an innovative SME-driven market solution by the European Commission
KIOS Director speaks at the EU Presidency Informal Competitiveness Council of the EU Presidency.

May 2012

KIOS Research Team meets with the European Defence Agency (EDA).
University of Cyprus announces the ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Professor Polycarpou
National Television News Coverage of the University of Cyprus Press Conference regarding Medical School and  ERC Advanced Grant award to Professor Polycarpou.

March 2012

Smart irrigation system capable of saving 40% of water in irrigation - Euronews. For more details on the project click here.

February 2012


Interview with Professor Polycarpou President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and Director of KIOS, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 1 2012.


January 2012


December 2011

KIOS and the Water Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Republic of Cyprus) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborative research in the area of water resource management.

November 2011

Professor Marios Polycarpou, Director of KIOS, participates in a live TV debate on " how will technology change our lives" - Guest Speaker on the programme «Συν Πλυν» (Syn Plyn), Cyprus Broadcasting Authority.
KIOS Faculty to lead Biomedical Technology Research Project.
Press coverage on the project PROJECT YPERTHEN (ΥΠ.ΕΡ.ΘΕ.Ν) - Development of computational tools and services for the diagnosis and personalized optimal therapy of oncological diseases. Read here
"Decoupling politics from hydrocarbon activities in Cyprus"  by Dr. Constantinos Hadjistassou

October 2011

20/10/2011 Authors Christos Kyrkou and Dr. Theocharis Theocharides discuss their work on a dedicated hardware architecture that provides parallel processing, resource sharing, and efficient memory management for object detection with support vector machines. More information here.
Dr. Constantinos Hadjistassou discusses the "Process of Exploratory drilling for Natural Gas". Guest speaker on TV Programme «MEGA Ενημέρωση» at MEGA TV Channel.

September 2011

Dr. Constantinos Hadjistassou talking on the subject of "Natural Gas: from research to application", TV Programme «Από Μέρα σε Μέρα», Cyprus Broadcasting Authority
"Averting collision between Cyprus & Turkey fuelled by Natural Gas", by Dr. Constantinos Hadjistassou
Dr. Elias Kyriakides discusses Renewable Energy Production on the programme «Συν Πλυν», Cyprus Broadcasting Authority.
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August 2011

Dr. Stella Hadjistassou, KIOS Researcher talks about the significance of technology and research in education and presents the project Virtual Worlds, which involved the production of a modern day approach to leaning a language
26/08/2011 National Press Coverage for the project MRI Robot - New Medical Robotic System - Dr Eftychios Christoforou
07/08/2011 "A new solution to combat reduced power reliability", by Dr. Elias Kyriakides

July 2011

31/07/2011 Dr. Elias Kyriakides ( Associate Professor UCY and KIOS Faculty) makes recommendations on the current energy crises facing Cyprus:
list_arrow_topArticle in Education News (

June 2011

30/06/2011 European News Article on the iSense Project (FP7) Coordinated by KIOS.

March 2011

18/03/2011 Press coverage for the launch of four key strategic research centers of the University of Cyprus which have been granted funding from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation as part of the National Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (Strategic Infrastructure Projects):

February 2011

20/02/2011 Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper: Critical Infrastructures.

January 2011

30/01/2011 Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper: Huge Steps in Research (iSense Project).
29/01/2011 Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper for the iSense Project.
Press Coverage for the iSense Project:

list_arrow_topArticle in Haravgi Newspaper

National Television News Coverage of the press conference for the iSense Project.
26/01/2011 Press Release from University of Cyprus Public Relations office for the iSense Project.

December 2010

25/12/2010 Article in Alitheia Newspaper - KIOS postgraduate researchers Christos Laoudias, Demetris Eliades and Demetris Stavrou were ranked first in the competition "Design of a digital eBook reader and content management platform".

October 2010

National Television News Coverage of the wind turbine installation for the Zero Co2 Project and the benefits of the prototype electricity generation system for green and regulated energy
National Press Coverage of the installation of the wind turbine for the Zero Co2 Project
21/10/2010 Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center takes coordination role at networking session at the Biannual EU ICT Conference. The networking session entitled Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems took place on the third day (29/09/2010) of the ICT 2010 Conference.
15/10/2010 Article in Alitheia Newspaper - KIOS Research Center was selected to lead a networking session, at the recent EU ICT 2010 Conference, following a competitive application process where only a few of the applicants were chosen to lead a networking session.
14/10/2010 Article in Stockwatch - KIOS Research Center Coordinates Networking Workshop at the Biannual EU ICT Conference.  

September 2010

26/09/2010 Article in Phileleftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Project OURORAMAN (funded by the structural funded National Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development 2008) - The application of new technology in the area of health.
12/09/2010 Article in Politis Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Project WATERBEE (funded by FP7) - New systems to improve the efficiency of water irrigation.

August 2010

30/08/2010 Article in Phileftheros Newspaper - KIOS Research Center Contribution to health and well being. 
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