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Collaboration with Limassol Water Board to support smart monitoring and management of water distribution networks

MoU signing LWB IMG_6297

On the 2nd of December 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the University of Cyprus (UCY) and the Limassol Water Board (LWB), focusing on smart monitoring and management of water distribution networks. The MoU was signed by the University of Cyprus Rector, Prof. Tasos Christofides, and the Director of the Limassol Water Board, Mr. Socrates Metaxas.

The MoU provides a framework for wider collaboration between the LWB and departments and entities of the University of Cyprus, including the KIOS Center of Excellence, dealing with water monitoring and management. It promotes the implementation of research programs and studies on water-related topics, encourages the joint participation in research and innovation projects funded by European and national funding sources, and supports the exchange of information and data related to water monitoring and management for research purposes.

In addition, the MoU provides the opportunity for joint access to measuring devices and equipment for obtaining data for research purposes, as well as the organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, and other activities, aiming to disseminate scientific knowledge to the research community and to the wider public.

During the signing ceremony, the UCY Rector, Prof. Tasos Christofides, expressed his satisfaction for signing the MoU, which will give the opportunity to research centers and other entities at the University of Cyprus to positively address water-related problems. The UCY, he continued, utilizing its know-how and its state-of-the-art research infrastructures, can help operators of critical infrastructure systems, such as the LWB, address current challenges for the benefit of society.

The Director of the LWB, Mr. Socrates Metaxas, said that the signing of the MoU strengthens the collaboration between the two parties. This collaboration, he said, started 15 years ago between the LWB and the KIOS CoE and at this moment it has been expanded to other UCY entities, such as the Nireas International Water Research Center and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Department of Chemistry. Concluding, Mr. Metaxas, stated that the LWB will utilize the collaboration outcomes for better management of Limassol’s water distribution network, improving the quality of services offered to the citizens.

Finally, the KIOS CoE Research Assist. Prof. Dr. Demetrios Eliades, referred to the most important milestones of this collaboration, underlying the fact that the LWB was one of the first organizations in Cyprus that invested in research collaborations with academic institutions and participated in externally funded projects with the aim to employ innovative technological solutions in the area of smart water networks. Through this collaboration, he added, novel tools will be developed to support the efficient operation of the water distribution network in Limassol, improve its resilience, and mitigate risks from unexpected incidents.