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Collaboration with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to develop an Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Information System

EMS - KIOS AFIIS project IMG_2592

A collaboration agreement was signed between the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (EMS) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works and the KIOS Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus, on the 2nd of April 2024. The two parties will work together on the design and implementation of a digital system (AFIIS project) that will allow the intelligent monitoring of alternative fuel infrastructures in Cyprus, according to the new EU Regulation 2023/1804.

The new EU Regulation 2023/1804 sets mandatory national targets for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in the EU, for road vehicles, vessels, and stationary aircraft to reduce the transport sector’s carbon footprint. The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services at the Cyprus Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works is the responsible authority for the implementation of this Regulation.

Towards this end, the two parties will collaborate to develop an intelligent platform providing services to the public through web and mobile applications. These services will include, amongst others, in advance charging station reservation and recommendations for intelligent routing decisions considering the overall travel and charging time, availability of charging station, and the time-varying electricity prices. In addition, interested research communities will have access to relevant data, through the Cyprus national access point, in an effort to enhance research activities related with the transportation electrification sector.

The Director of the Electromechanical Services Department, Mr. Markos Markou, said that this agreement lays the ground for the development of a digital system, which will contribute to the promotion of electromobility in Cyprus. The system, he continued, will transparently provide essential information to all stakeholders and facilitate the use of electric vehicles. Finally, he said that through this agreement, there will be compliance with the requirements of the EU Regulation 2023/1804 on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, thus contributing to the reduction of transport pollution.

On behalf of the KIOS CoE, the founding faculty member Professor Georgios Ellinas, mentioned that the AFIIS Project marks a significant milestone in Cyprus’ commitment to the EU for accelerating the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, by enhancing transport connectivity, sustainability, and user friendliness. KIOS CoE in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services of Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Works, he continued, will develop an intelligent platform to support the public alternative fuels’ infrastructure of Cyprus including Electric Vehicles Charging Stations and Hydrogen Refueling Stations, ultimately providing to the public digital tools that significantly enhance the end-user experience.