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Exchanging ideas, Sharing results at the 3rd KIOS Workshop


The KIOS Research Center welcomed leading experts and pioneers at its 3rd annual Workshop that was held at the University of Cyprus on the 25th June 2013. The workshop is organized annually to enable interaction between research teams and promote information exchange and multidisciplinary collaboration. It is also an opportunity for researchers to benefit from the expertise and know-how of experts in fields relevant to the KIOS Research Center and its collaborators.

The 3rd KIOS Workshop welcomed Professor Petros Ioannou from the University of Southern California, Professor Ioannis Paschalidis from Boston University, and Professor Markos Papageorgiou from the Technical University of Crete. The three internationally renowned experts in their respective fields presented research results and new technology from their respective research teams in the USA and Greece. The three keynote talks focused on:

  • Personalized Driving in Urban Environments,

Prof. Petros Ioannou, Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies Electrical Engineering Systems, University of Southern California.

The talk focused on driver/vehicle response diagnostic techniques that give more accurate guidance to drivers in busy urban environment, reach destinations in a more predictable manner and find parking of the driver’s choice.  

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  • Graph-theoretic Conflict Resolution with Applications in Wireless Networks and Protein Docking,

Prof. Ioannis Paschalidis Co-Director, Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Division of Systems Engineering, Boston University.

The presentation gave details of a new fully distributed algorithm to solve the Maximum Weighted Independent Set problem consisting of two phases, each of which requires only local information and is based on message passing between nodes of the graph. Applications of this algorithm include scheduling in wireless networks as well as protein docking.  

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  • Freeway Traffic Control,

Prof. Markos Papageorgiou, Director, Dynamic Systems & Simulation Laboratory, Technical University of Crete.

Traffic control measures, if properly designed and deployed, may lead to substantial savings of travel time, fuel consumption and environmental impact, along with an improvement of traffic safety. The presentation outlined the related traffic control problems and solutions, with a focus on optimal control and feedback approaches.  

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The workshop also included a poster session. A total of 42 posters demonstrated specific research activity covering a variety of research fields and spanning the range of expertise of the Center and its collaborators, including other UCY research teams (Computer Science Department) and contributions from international partners.

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