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Five top students are awarded Summer Research Positions at the KIOS Research Center

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The annual Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is operating for the sixth year at the KIOS Research Center. The program’s aim is to encourage young people (undergraduate students from Cyprus and abroad) to participate in real research projects, to nurture the skills, experience, and confidence required for such an endeavor, and encourage a culture of science and innovation among the brightest of students.

This type of program is modelled on international best-practice and is adopted in other reputable academic institutions and research centers in order to encourage and develop the confidence of young talented students to contribute to research and innovation.

Five top students were selected to participate in the UROP organized for the summer 2014. The names of the students selected are: Ioannis Chadjiminas, Christina Kilili, Antreas Kouloumbris, Andreas Pallis and Panayiotis Tsangarides. This year KIOS received around 100 applications from students in Cyprus and abroad.

The selected students are participating in technological research projects, with the KIOS Faculty and Researchers, which contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. Application areas for these types of technologies include renewable energy, water telecommunication and transportation networks, as well as ICT for health and the protection of the environment.

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