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HYBRID: The formulation of the next generation state estimator by utilizing synchronized phasor measurements

There is a need to provide real-time, accurate and reliable information for the states of the power system through an advanced state estimator that could be the cornerstone of a future real time wide area monitoring system. This project will concentrate on developing a concrete methodology for incorporating the synchronized phasor measurements into the existing conventional state estimator. The proposed state estimator is expected to have enhanced accuracy as well as better convergence, immunity to bad measurements and high adaptability in abrupt changes in the power system network configuration. Further, in this project a concrete methodology for enhancing the performance of the hybrid state estimator by determining the optimal Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) placement in the power system is aimed to be developed.

The state estimator and the methodologies developed in this project will be tested on the IEEE test bed systems and will be validated using the power system of Cyprus, where four PMUs have already been installed. It is expected that the full packet of the developed state estimator could be eventually used by the local Transmission System Operator (TSO) whose collaboration in this project is active, enhancing the reliability of the power system of Cyprus.

The KIOS research team in this project is led by Dr. Elias Kyriakides and the main student researcher is Markos Asprou. The project partners are the Cyprus Transmission System Operator and the University Politechica of Bucharest.