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KIOS and EAC are continuing a mutually beneficial collaboration on research and innovation


The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) are successfully continuing their mutually beneficial collaboration on research and innovation, through which novel technologies related to the energy sector are being developed and used. The two partners, within the framework of their wider cooperation agreement, successfully organized a workshop on the “Research Outcomes of their 2nd Year of Collaboration”, on the 25th of February 2020, at EAC’s Headquarters.

During the workshop, the KIOS CoE research team presented the research outcomes of seven projects that were undertaken by the KIOS CoE on behalf of EAC throughout the period of 2018-2019, six related to the optimization of the Cyprus transmission and distribution systems and one related to EAC’s risk management. Specifically, the seven projects involved (1) the Identification and Calculation of Line Parameters Using PMU Measurements, (2) the Automated Drone-based Power Transmission Line Inspection, (3) the Characterization and Classification of Consumer Loads in Cyprus, (4) the Evolution of the Low-Voltage Distribution Grid, (5) A Study on EAC’s Telecommunications Infrastructure, (6) the Non-Intrusive Condition Assessment of MV Oil Insulated Switchgear, and (7) EAC’s Risk Management Assessment.

Furthermore, during the workshop the two parties announced the continuation and strengthening of their collaboration, since the KIOS CoE will undertake the comprehensive techno-economic study for the «Redesign of the Cyprus Electricity System ahead of 2021-2030” on behalf of EAC and the Transmission System Operator (TSO) of Cyprus. This study will enable the Distributor System Operator (DSO) of EAC to address significant challenges related to the high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Distribution System, the improvement of the energy efficiency, and the reduction of gas emissions.

EAC’s General Manager Mr. Panayiotis Olympios and the KIOS CoE Director Prof. Marios Polycarpou both stated that the collaboration between the KIOS CoE and EAC creates mutual benefits, since it exploits the state-of-the-art knowledge and research outcomes not only for the benefit of the EAC, but also for Cyprus and its citizens.

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