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KIOS CoE @ Researchers’ Night 2017

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence participates in Researchers’ Night 2017 with 8 activities and 18 researchers!

Find the full description of KIOS’ activities below:

Smart Systems: The culture of today meets the heritage of tomorrow!

Nowadays technology is capable of imitating human behavior and reasoning to address complex real problems. This technology is the “brain” applied in many modern “smart” devices of everyday use, such as washing machines, cars, cameras and video games. It is also critical for the smooth operation of complex engineering systems, upon which modern society relies on, such as electric power systems, water distributions networks, manufacturing processes, transportation systems, robotic systems, etc.

Want to learn more about this technology? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at its kiosk where you can discover how a UAV (drone) is used in the digital recording and 3D modeling of historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes, and observe through our various filters how the population and the road network in Cyprus has evolved! Also, test your knowledge and experience on water-related topics, travel to different European cities through light paths, learn interactively about renewable sources, and meet a smart robot which follows your every move! At KIOS you can learn how intelligent telematics can be used in public transport and use ProximAid, the award winning, cutting edge smartphone technology that can help to save lives in emergency situations.

Researchers: Panayiotis Kolios, Konstantinos Manousakis, Chrysovalanto Christodoulou, Eirini Christodoulou, Konstantinos Koumidis, Lazaros Zacharia, Demetrios Eliades, Ioannis Papayiannis, Lysandros Tziovani, Andreas Kotsonias, Panayiotis Papadopoulos, Marios Kiriakou, Stelios Vrachimis, Constantinos Timinis, George Christou, Alexis Kyriakou, Odysseas Oikonomides, George Heracleous, Yiannis Savva.