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KIOS joins forces with 15 organizations to accelerate the digital transformation of Cyprus

DiGiNN 700X450

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) at the University of Cyprus joins forces with 15 prestigious Cypriot organizations with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, and Cybersecurity technologies, to accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises as well as of public sector organizations in Cyprus.

This strategic initiative will be implemented through the Cyprus DiGital INNovation Hub (“DiGiNN” project) funded by the EU, that will function as a one-stop shop to help companies improve their business/production processes, products, or services, using digital technologies, enabling them to respond to the digital challenges and become more competitive. “DiGiNN” will provide them an end-to-end experience in their digitization journey; from coaching and mentoring by reputable experts, access to the most advanced infrastructure and facilities, support to find investments, to networking and access to innovation ecosystems.

KIOS CoE will be actively participating in the project by leading the activities focused on “Test before Invest” which include, inter alia, access to the labs and experimental research facilities for testing existing or newly developed technologies, awareness raising, digital maturity assessment, demonstration activities, integration, adaptation and customization of various technologies, knowledge, and technology transfer. These activities will enable users to test and evaluate a specific technology and reach an informed decision regarding whether to invest in its adoption.

Towards this end, KIOS CoE will make available to external users its state-of-the-art research facilities, which were developed in collaboration with Imperial College London, under the KIOS CoE Teaming Horizon 2020 Project. These involve dedicated research infrastructures (testbeds) and systems investigating different aspects in monitoring, control, and security of critical infrastructures using cutting-edge equipment for experimental evaluation, testing, and prototyping, as well as intelligent technologies for emergency response.

The KIOS Deputy Director, Prof. Christos Panayiotou, said that “the digital transformation of the economy and society is a critical priority for all EU Member States in order to increase their productivity and create a long-term value. The KIOS CoE will contribute to the transition of Cyprus to the digital era by sharing its expertise in digital technologies and utilizing its technological know-how for the benefit of companies and public sector organizations”.

In addition to the KIOS CoE, the partnership consists of the Cyprus Institute as the project’s coordinator, the CYENS Centre of Excellence as co-ordinator, the PWC, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Employers and Industrialists Federation, ELECTI Consulting Ltd, IDEA Innovation Center, Cyprus Seeds, Laboratory for Internet Computing (LInC) and the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Cyprus, Chrysalis Leap, Paphos Innovation Institute, and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, as partners.

The DiGiNN project will be co-financed by the European Commission (through the Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027) and the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.