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KIOS Research Associate Lysandros Tziovani wins the ETEK Engineering Award 2023

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Dr. Lysandros Tziovani, Research Associate at the KIOS CoE has received the Engineering Award 2023 by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ), for developing an innovative software tool “Optimal Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch”, for the Power System of Cyprus. This tool is widely used by the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO) and the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), to increase the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and reduce the operational cost of the power system of Cyprus.

The penetration of RES into the power system is expected to increase significantly in Europe in order to achieve climate neutrality goals. However, the increasing integration of RES into the power system poses several challenges for the system operators in ensuring the safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of the power grid.

The software tool developed by Dr. Tziovani was designed to specifically address the abovementioned challenges. It incorporates optimization algorithms that find the optimal economic solution for the energy scheduling of conventional units and RES in the power system of Cyprus, thus maximizing the energy generated from RES, minimizing the daily operational cost of the power system, and reducing the electricity cost for consumers. In addition, it can be utilized for the performance of short and long-term studies to assess the integration of new sustainable technologies, e.g., energy storage systems, that could allow an increased and effective RES penetration into the power system.

The solution developed by Dr. Tziovani has significant economic, environmental, and societal impacts through the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of the consumers’ electricity bills as well as the increase of the energy production from RES. All these enhance the quality of life of citizens in Cyprus.

The “Engineering Award” by ETEK is awarded every three years to a physical person or legal entity, which has excelled in Cyprus or internationally and concerns promotion and/or implementation of innovative ideas and practices in the areas of engineering, science, and technology, thus contributing to the economic, social, cultural, environmental, and sustainable development of Cyprus.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023, at the ETEK premises in Nicosia and the award was given by the Cyprus Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Mr. Alexis Vafeades.