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KIOS signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Water Development Department, Cyprus

KIOS and the Water Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Republic of Cyprus) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborative research in the area of water resource management.

The agreement was signed by the highest authorities of the two organizations during an official ceremony– the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Republic of Cyprus) and the Rector of the University of Cyprus. The agreement was countersigned by the Director of KIOS, Professor M.Polycarpou and the Director of the Water Development Department, Dr Kyriakos Kyrou. The ceremony took place on the 25/11/2011 at the University of Cyprus (click here for articles on media corner).

The management of water resources and their quality is an important issue for Cyprus and of increasing importance globally. Due to their vital role, water systems are considered among the critical infrastructures; if their operation is disrupted, e.g. due to water contamination, vital societal functions and the economy could be a­ffected.

The application of Information and Communication Technologies can offer new and improved possibilities for the enhanced management of Water Resources, especially for the efficient management and monitoring of water distribution systems (e.g., the detection and isolation of leakages, energy efficiency solutions for water distribution networks, improvements in the safety of the networks and detection, isolation and mitigation of possible contamination events).

The MoU endorses a long standing commitment for collaboration between the two organizations who have worked together in the past on research undertakings. It also reflects an appreciation of the benefits of increased technology and knowledge transfer between the two organizations.

This collaboration combines the expertise and knowhow of world renowned researchers with expert practitioners who have many years of experience in the management and operations of the water projects and systems.

This collective approach will contribute to the operation of an advanced water distribution system in Cyprus.