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KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme 2011

Five Students successfully complete the KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme 2011

The KIOS Research Center runs a summer programme for undergraduate young researchers called UROP, an acronym for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

The purpose of UROP is to involve undergraduate students in cutting-edge research within the KIOS Research Center. The emphasis is to encourage young people to participate in research and to nurture the skills, experience and confidence required for young researchers. It also prepares them for the next stage of their academic carriers.  The UROPs programme was delivered in the summers of 2009, 2010 and 2011. A total of 14 students have successfully completed the programme, undertaking research in various areas of topical interest such as renewable energy, ICT for health, and communications networks.

This year the following students have successfully participated in the UROP programmme:

• Christos Frangeskou (Faculty: Elias Kyriakides)
• Angelos Hadjiantonis (Faculty: Elias Kyriakides)
• Eleni Proxenou (Faculty: Julio Georgiou)
• Christina Themistocleous(Faculty: Christos Panayiotou)
• Ioannis A.Yiannaki(Faculty: George Ellinas)